BOY James Rolleston

James was 11 when he auditioned for a role in BOY. He was reading for a small role a week before shooting started and although he wasn’t suited to that particular role Taika and the Casting Director were so impressed by him they brought him to Waihau Bay for a workshop with a number of the other young cast.

When Taika realised his initial choice for the lead had just grown a little too much to play the pre-pubescent Boy, James was cast. He is a natural; smart,open and innocent but with enough experience in his life to draw from for the role.

James is a talented young sportsman who plays representative rugby.

ROCKY Te Aho Eketone-Whitu

Te Aho was born and bred in Minginui, a small farming community outside Rotorua. His hobbies are motorbikes, hunting, fishing and rugby and when he grows up he wants to be Richie McCaw (All Black).

ALAMEIN Taika Waititi

In the early stages of the script Alamein is someone who seems so manipulative and cruel, a person few would care to relate to. But I believe in him as a person (I am very protective of all my characters). He needs to be charming and funny, someone you have faith in because underneath you can see the potential, yet he is also dangerous and unpredictable. He is,for me,the most interesting character because of what he represents. He is a symbolic sacrifice to the shadow side of ourselves, a warning or reminder of what Boy could become, yet he is the crucial catalyst for Boy’s change.

We all have the ability to be anything and everything; good and bad, cruel and compassionate. Finding the right balance is what makes characters compelling. I never like the idea of creating characters for the objective pleasure of the audience. I want people to see themselves in these characters, to relate in a personal way, to say, “I just watched myself go through all of that”. In this film we are watching ourselves growing up.

DYNASTY Moerangi Tihore

DALLAS Haze Rewiti

TANE Rajvinder Eria

KELLY Cherilee Martin